Talia DeFranco, Counseling Intern

​​​My path to become a therapist has been informed by both my own healing journey, as well as inspired by witnessing the healing of others. As I move through my own pain and developmental trauma, I have accessed greater health, aliveness, and connection in my Self. I know this work can be challenging, and, to me, it is a worthy, rewarding process. I believe that we all deserve and have the capacity to heal, reach our full potential, and live nourishing, harmonious lives.

I am dedicated to supporting people in their natural unfolding towards wholeness and helping them become aware of their aliveness, true selves, and loving presence. I tend to work with people in a manner that supports their strengths, resources, and resiliency – the inherent intelligence of their systems. Whatever is impacting your life in a restricted manner, such as depression or anxiety, I believe there is some aspect of yourself that is making its best attempt at health. Together, we will work to relieve the pain and challenges of the unskillful strategies that are no longer serving you, while also working to create new, healthy patterns that allow you to better connect with yourself and the world. I am known for my warmth, openness, relationality, compassion, and curiosity. I welcome all of a person and their experiences, without judgment, assumptions, or an agenda.

Professionally, I am a third year, Masters-level student at Naropa University, studying Clinical Mental Health Counseling, with a concentration in Mindfulness-based Transpersonal Counseling. I am completing my clinical placement at TouchPoint, working as an Intern. I take a person-centered, somatic-based, trauma-informed approach and have experience in Gestalt, Hakomi, DBT, Internal Family Systems (IFS), and mindfulness-based techniques. During my internship, I will partake in EMDR and other trauma-informed training.

In my personal life, I am a partner, student, and nature enthusiast. I enjoy surfing, road trips in our van, cooking, and music. I would be honored to work together, supporting you in your healing journey towards wholeness, health, and personal empowerment.

You are ready for change!

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