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Restless nights…

Another night tossing and turning. Mind racing, going through what you said or didn’t say today. Haunted by memories from long ago.

Never quite satisfied

Your waking life isn’t much better. You push through, but there is always a sense of dissatisfaction. No matter what you do, it never feels like enough. So, you keep striving trying to prove that you are enough. But nothing works.

Don’t get me started on people…

You are caught up in the same relationship patterns, having the same fights over and over. Sometimes you feel like you are being treated like a child. Wondering why relationships are so hard.

You have some friends, but you are good enough at putting up your walls that no one really knows you. You are able to move through your life skillfully, keeping your distance.

You are NOT a crowd person. Crowds make you feel trapped. Sometimes when you do go into crowded areas, you are planning your escape route or thinking about what you would do if (insert worst-case scenario here) happened.

Your body is tight…

Your jaw tends to hurt, and sometimes it feels like your shoulders are touching your ears. You often feel your heart racing for what feels like no reason. Other times, it’s like an elephant sitting on your chest unable to get a full breath.

Stomach pains come and go; sometimes you make yourself sick with the worry. You are tired of living like this.

You want to be free… whatever that means!

You look at other people moving through their lives with joy, freely, calmly and you can’t help but wonder why can’t I live my life like that?

You are not alone.

You belong here.

Take a chance and make a change.

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Welcome to TouchPoint Counseling

You deserve a life of joy, happiness, and peace. You are not broken nor do you need to be fixed.

You don’t have to feel overwhelmed, frustrated, or stuck any longer. You can find meaning, satisfaction, and purpose.

At TouchPoint Counseling, we are devoted to helping you break free from the past, shifting core beliefs you have about yourself, and helping you live your best life.

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You know you are ready for therapy if:

You are ready for life to feel different.

You have tried to make things better, and they don’t change.

You are tired of surviving, and you are ready to start living.

You are ready to do the hard work.

You have the time, money, and energy to put forward to change your life for the better.

Life is not tried; it is merely survived, if you’re standing outside the fire.

Garth Brooks