Therapy for Therapists

Take some time to take care of you.

Let’s face it, the work you do is challenging.

You pour yourself into your work. You LOVE what you do. You are motivated to have an impact in people’s lives.

You are balancing work, partners, families, and many of the same challenges your clients face. You know you could benefit from support for yourself.

Opportunity for growth and discovery

As a therapist, you know that acknowledging and learning from whatever is haunting you will not only help you, but it will improve your life.

You can have an opportunity to be a better partner, parent, and therapist. You can be happier and healthier.

Reaching out for therapy within your own community can be hard.

Yes, it can be difficult reaching out for therapy as a therapist.

We often don’t know where to turn. The line between colleague and therapist can feel strange at best.

The privacy and confidentiality that you are looking for can be found here. You can be assured that your story and your experiences will be held with the highest honor, regard, and respect.

You belong here!

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