Trauma Healing Intensive Program

Specially Designed for Busy People Who Want Fast Results

Why an intensive program?

Let’s face it – you are busy. You have thrown yourself completely into your life. Work. Kids. Partner. Friends. With seemingly ‘no time,’ this program may be perfect for you.

This specially designed Trauma Healing Intensive Program will help you get the results that you want fast – even if you have tried talk therapy or a little EMDR therapy before. Perhaps you didn’t get the results you wanted, the person you saw wasn’t the right fit, or you just got busy.

Our Trauma Healing Intensive Program is highly researched with incredibly efficient results. This commitment to yourself will allow you to be a better partner, parent, friend, and employee. More importantly, you can break free from your past and start living your best life.

What does intensive mean?

It essentially means that we will be working together intensely in either a half-day (3 hours) or full day (6 hours) timeframe. This time will be 100% dedicated to your healing.

Why consider an intensive?

You can heal in days. The traditional hour-per-week therapy format is appropriate for working on coping skills. However, trauma healing does not require the same slow, incremental approach. Trauma healing occurs rapidly with the right therapy.

Advantages of intensive therapy:

  1. Treatment efficiency
  2. Reduced risk of de-stabilization between sessions
  3. Reduced risk of life crises disrupting treatment
  4. Rapid results which preclude further suffering

Many people will pay thousands and thousands of dollars over the course of their lifetime in search of fixes for difficult relationships, anger, anxiety, frustrations, panic, and work-related issues. Don’t let that be you.

This experience is transformative.

Let’s chat and see if the Trauma Healing Intensive Program is right for you.

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