Tired of feeling overwhelmed and exhausted from the worry.

Your mind simply does not shut off. It is full of worry, anxiety, and panic.

You are used to feeling a little nauseous, so perhaps it’s just digestive issues. But your heart keeps racing, and there is a weight on your chest.

You ignore these feelings as best you can. Then something snaps, and you feel like you are drowning.

You describe yourself as “an anxious person.” You feel like it is part of who you are. It is NOT who you are!

What’s really going on?

Anxiety might be one of the basic human emotions. It tells us when something is wrong.

Basically, our nervous system thinks there is some threat of danger. So, our body responds by secreting hormones and chemicals designed to help us respond to the threat.

Reality check

Let’s face it, we are over stimulated in society today. We are pressured, pulled in many directions, and connected but distracted. Our bodies are feeling the tension from the constant pressure.

We feel like we can’t slow down. We are guarded and can’t really be ourselves. We find ourselves relaxing by checking out, while binging on the latest TV series or scrolling through our social media.

As soon as we stop distracting ourselves, the worry comes right back.

You don’t have to keep living like this.

Together, we can find ways to reduce or even resolve your anxiety. Let’s talk about how I can help.

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