Childhood Trauma

When you grew up, it wasn’t okay to be yourself.

You learned it was better to please others than yourself.

You learned that bottling up your emotions was better than showing them.

You learned that conflict was not worth it.

You learned that you had to be independent.

You learned to be comfortable with the loneliness.

You learned how the tolerate the unacceptable.

So now you…

Feel deeply unsatisfied.

Feel ingulfed in loneliness even when with someone.

Are ready to run away from relationships the moment a conflict happens.

Create worst-case scenarios… having plan A, B, C, and D available just in case.

Suffer from auto-immune or chronic health issues.

Have few or no memories of your childhood.

Feel disconnected. Shut down.

Act like a chameleon, shifting your colors with different crowds.

Don’t let anyone get too close.

Desire acceptance for who you are… but confused about who that is.

Have big walls around you.

You don’t want to live like this a moment longer… you want freedom. The freedom to know who you are. Be who are.

Live. Authentically. Be you. All of you.

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