Hannah Harksen, LMSW

​​As a mental health therapist specializing in children, adolescents, and families, my journey in supporting young individuals began at the age of fifteen. This early start allowed me to cultivate an understanding of the unique challenges that children and adolescents face, setting the foundation for my passion and commitment to making a positive impact in their lives. I have accumulated valuable experience providing mental health support within schools, particularly in special education programs focused on addressing behavioral needs.

My commitment to empowering my clients is fueled by a strong sense of empathy, allowing me to connect on a profound level with their experiences and emotions. I guide them towards positive changes, leveraging their inherent strengths, interests, and skills. Recognizing the link between the mind and body, I integrate mindfulness, movement, polyvagal theory, and expressive arts into my practice to enhance the therapeutic process.

I am trained in evidence-based therapeutic modalities such as CBT, trauma-focused CBT, DBT, and sandy tray therapy. To further enhance my skills, I am currently undergoing training in EMDR, aligning with my commitment to offering comprehensive and effective care.

My history of working with children from a young age has instilled in me a genuine passion for fostering their mental and emotional well-being. I am excited about leveraging my expertise and empathetic nature to create a safe and collaborative space where clients can explore their challenges, cultivate resilience, and embark on a transformative journey towards their best selves.

You are ready for change!

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