Taryn Collura, LMHCA

​​My passion in the field of mental health began in college, not in the classroom but the pool. During a 20 year career in competitive swimming I had the opportunity to work with a sport psychologist where I became deeply interested in the relationship between mental health and performance. This was my introduction to just how closely tied our mental health is with our physical health leading me to develop a deep curiosity on how we can better understand what our body is telling us through the way we think and feel.

Brene Brown put it beautifully when she said, “Sometimes the bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up.” While applicable across all aspects of life, this is especially true when it comes to therapy. Trauma is one of those concepts that can be hard to understand and even more difficult to heal from; my goal as a therapist is to guide my clients’ healing journey because it matters less how we got here and so much more on where we go from here.

My professional background is eclectic and informed by my personal passions as well as experiences. My therapeutic approach always starts with a person centered perspective to meet my clients exactly where they are. My trauma informed practice is influenced by CBT, DBT , and narrative therapy; as I grew into my identity as a therapist I took a deep dive into Polyvagal theory to further understand the role our nervous system plays in healing trauma and attachment wounds. I utilize this perspective to bring in somatic exercises, healing through breath work and movement with prospective training in EMDR on the horizon. However, just because the work we do in therapy is heavy does not mean we can’t laugh or celebrate along the way.

My personal life is driven by adventuring with my partner and our two Great Danes. Outside the office, you can find me exploring the awesome world around me from the jaw-dropping nature we are surrounded by to the kitchen with an unrelenting curiosity to cook new and exciting things.

You are ready for change!

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