Natasha Primm, Medical Biller

​​“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always”
I was an only child raised by my Dad and Mom on an Air Force base from the time I was born until I was 13. My Dad proudly served 20 years in the Air Force. I was one of the only military kids I knew who did not have to constantly move and attend multiple schools and I was among the very few who did not come from a broken home. The concept of divorce was foreign to me and one that I could not discern, nor did I think would ever become a reality. I had a wonderful, trauma-free childhood. My Mom was home for me every day, my Dad worked and came home every night. They both taught me compassion, kindness, and unconditional love. We had our family traditions and there isn’t a single time I ever went without.
I was 27 years old when I experienced trauma for the first time in my life. My parents divorced and to me, it was earth shattering. I didn’t think there was any other kind of pain that could surpass what I felt. Ten years later, the father of my children passed away from a very long battle with cancer. Over the years I too, would have my own experiences with the pain of divorce. It was a long time before I received my wake up call, but when it finally hit me, I knew that I couldn’t deny it any longer. I had maxed out on space within my soul to stuff down and dismiss any more pain. I still remember the very moment I realized I needed therapy and how I felt so much shame in admitting it yet at the same time, I instantly began to feel relief.
My passion has always been to help others. The elderly and disabled demographic have always held a special place in my heart. I attended school for Respiratory Therapy in 2010 and also received certification from Washington State as a nursing assistant. I then decided to move into the administrative side of the healthcare field. My primary focus here at TouchPoint is to help our clients gain a financial understanding of their visits with us and to make that part as seamless as possible so they can focus on healing.
I am a very proud mother of two wonderful adult children and my best friend, my 10 year old dog, Bailey. My hobbies include drawing and painting and anything pertaining to music. What I find most fulfilling though, is being in the presence of the people I love and adore and surrounding myself with those who only believe in positive reciprocity.