Briana Muntean, LMHCA

​​​My passion for psychology led me to a career in counseling. Little did I know that my interest in this career would lead me to heal and grow more than I ever knew possible. This journey within myself has only strengthened my desire to help those in need. From simply wanting to increase well-being or having a need to process your past experiences, counseling has many opportunities to aid those who are ready.

My fire comes from seeing shifts that arise from bettering oneself. Thus, leading to steps towards a life you once thought unattainable. My desire is to give tools that prepare you and give a sense of self-confidence through tough life decisions.

Professionally, I will be attaining my LMHCA. Aside from work, I am a gym, cat, nature, and travel lover. Beginning in the Air Force medical field, I believe that some traits have followed me after separation. I am known for my nurturing, direct, and empathetic demeanor. I hope to give the needed aid to those who I have the pleasure of working with.

You are ready for change!

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