Laura McMullin, Intake Coordinator

​​My passion and appreciation for the differences that each person’s story brings to a community started from a young age. As a child raised in a military family and community I was exposed to many different cultures, backgrounds, and ways of thinking. The love of this exposure followed me to my professional life as an administrator. From large hospital environments, to warehouses and many small offices around the Puget Sound.

Through all my experiences I have become a jill-of-all trades in administration. I have an eye for detail that lends well to the back office tasks and a heart full of empathy and interest in each person’s story that lends well to client interactions. These skills built earlier in my career have served me well as I have grown here at Touchpoint. I have found my niche at Touchpoint. The Mission and Vision here have given me renewed passion for the role that Administration can help in each person’s story.

My own mental health journey through the last half decade has given me more empathy and passion to help aid in each individual’s journey here at Touchpoint. Through using my skills built in life and profession I use that to help ensure each individual who comes to Touchpoint has their story heard and make the process of healing as smooth as possible.

In my personal life my passion for variety rings true as well. I love to take long car rides listening to a good book or some music. I enjoy traveling, attending concerts, or just a nice relaxing evening with my doggy, a good beverage and some binge worthy series or True Crime Podcast.